Working at Cades is about more than just doing a job. It means helping others achieve goals. Mastering a profession. Integrity. It's about excelling as a lawyer.

At Cades, we believe a law firm should train exceptional legal professionals; equip its attorneys to provide superlative service to clients and communities; and create an environment that allows talent and creativity to thrive. It's this philosophy that makes Cades an extraordinary place to practice law.

Cades attorneys have ample opportunities to build successful careers in private practice. The cases and transactions we handle are as diverse and sophisticated as the clients we represent. Cades is Hawaii's premier business law firm, with a clientele including Fortune 500 companies and major business players in Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. But as a full-service law firm, Cades also provides legal services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and community groups. From complex corporate transactions to constitutional litigation and everything in between-the Cades experience encompasses it all.

If you share our drive to excel in the practice of law, we invite you to apply with us.

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