Cades Schutte is a proud Sponsor of Hawai`i Business Magazine’s C-Suite Series

Event Date & Time: March 13, 2014
Event Location: Harbor View Center

Cades Schutte is a proud sponsor of Hawai`i Business Magazine’s C-Suite Series. Hawai`i Business Magazine’s C-Suite event, The Best CEOs Don’t Lead Alone, was held on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at the Harbor View Center.

Event Description (from Hawai`i Business Magazine):

Leading a company or organization is NOT a solitary task. A CEO who’s able to overcome great odds and work through the most difficult circumstances is one that understands he or she cannot lead alone. Learn firsthand from Hawai`i’s CEOs who’ve navigated successful change by establishing a strong leadership team, seeking council from the right people and driving a mission communally.

In this seminar we’ll examine:

  • The CEO’s role: Leader vs. Superman
  • The keys to building a strong executive team
  • Why great council is crucial when you’re “at the top”
  • Why CEOs need to be “bothered” from time to time
  • How solitary leadership can cripple moral growth an productivity

Main Speaker:

John Dean, President & CEO, Central Pacific Bank


  • Colbert Matsumoto, Chairman & CEO, Island Insurance Company
  • Kim Gennaula, President & CEO, Aloha United Way
  • Ben Godsey, President & CEO, ProService Hawai`i