Cades Successfully Defends Kauai Developer in Breach of Contract Claim

Cades attorneys Philip J. Leas, John R. Love, and Megan A. Suehiro successfully defended a developer against claims seeking $7 million in damages in a real estate dispute on Kauai.  The trial team endured rounds of motions practice before proceeding to a seven-day bench trial in the Fifth Circuit.  The Plaintiffs alleged that the developer had breached contracts requiring it to use best efforts to relocate a driveway, and that the developer had additionally committed fraud with respect to the reservation of certain easements for vehicular access to the Plaintiffs’ property.  The court found that the contracts had not been breached and that no fraud had been committed.  The court additionally entered judgment against the Plaintiffs on the developer’s counterclaims to remove encroachments onto adjacent property, among other things, and awarding attorneys’ fees and costs.  Click here to read the full Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order.