Cades Schutte Receives Legal Aid Society of Hawai’i Award

The Legal Aid Society of Hawai’i recently recognized Cades Schutte with an award in honor of the firm’s “Commitment to Building a Just Society.”

Cades and the Cades Foundation have both been long-time supporters of the efforts of Legal Aid. As a Leadership Circle supporter, Cades is committed to Legal Aid’s pledge to build a just society.

Cades partner Elijah Yip has served on the board of directors for Legal Aid since 2014.


Legal Aid Society of Hawai’i presenting the award to Cades partner Elijah Yip.

Pictured (L – R): Jodi Yamamoto (President), Nalani Fujimori Kaina (Executive Director, Elijah Yip, Regan Iwao (Director)