Martin Hsia Speaks on IP, Copyright and Fair Use in Media

Join Cades partner Martin E. Hsia when he speaks on intellectual property, copyright and fair use in media at the upcoming Alliance for Community Media (ACM) Western States Region Conference on March 18th.

Program Description

Technology has made it increasingly challenging to navigate the world of intellectual property, particularly in media and arts. What kind of rights do you need to secure? What is Fair Use and can anyone explain when it applies? How do you navigate the legal issues in platforms like YouTube? Where can rights be obtain if needed? What are a producer’s liabilities? Can local bands play cover tunes? Can you fight a take-down notice? How much trouble can your organization be in?

Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Fair Use in Media

ACM Western States Region Conference

March 18, 2016 – 10:30am to Noon

Ala Moana Hotel

Panel Discussion