Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism

A multi-billion dollar global industry, tourism is Hawai`i’s largest industry. As the first law firm in Hawai`i to dedicate an entire practice group to Hospitality, our team has the depth needed to navigate such a complex and significant industry.

Our clients include global and local investors, developers, owners and operators of hotels, resorts, golf courses, spas, gyms, marinas, nightclubs, leisure facilities, airlines, and transportation.  We are positioned to help them understand their opportunities in Hawai`i and to take advantage of our unique location and attractions.

We have been involved in some capacity in most of Hawai`i’s major hotel and resort developments, and we represent numerous visitor industry businesses ranging from activity providers to restaurants, as well as major Hawai`i based tourism-related trade groups.

Our expertise includes the acquisition and divestment of contractual arrangements; franchise, management and outsourcing operations; management agreements and operations; corporate, joint ventures and fund formation; finance and restructuring; franchise, outsourcing and commercial agreements; data privacy security technology arrangements; advertising and brand development and protection, among others.