Politics is one of the most highly contested and hotly debated topics in our nation and rightfully so.

Our nation should be served by the most qualified individuals and our attorneys are determined to provide our clients with the counsel they need to voice their opinion on First Amendment Law and campaign finance matters.

Our attorneys provide a wide range of advice, with particular emphasis on campaign finance, pay-to-play, ethics, lobbying and conflicts of interest in connection with federal, state and local laws. Our work in these areas includes representation of political committees and businesses involved in the political process, corporate and trade association political action committees, independent political committees and candidate committees, as well as private individuals and entities.

Certain businesses and organizations, such as non-profits, require additional attention in these matters, and our Trusts and Estates attorneys, in partnership with our Tax team, regularly counsels clients on matters related to limitations on potential political activity, campaign contributions, gifts and gratuities, and lobby activities at the federal, state and local levels.