March 16, 2021  |  Events

David F.E. Banks and Amanda M. Jones to Speak at the 2021 Labor and Employment Advanced Practices Symposium

Microphone In Empty Auditorium

David F.E. Banks and Amanda M. Jones, Partners in Cades Schutte LLP’s Employment Law and Labor Relations Practice Group, will be speaking at the 17th Annual Labor and Employment Advanced Practices (LEAP) Symposium on March 26, 2021 (Friday).

David will be speaking on a panel titled “Employee Expression & Social Media: Where to Draw the Line,” which will explore how to build a productive workforce while also respecting employees’ expression and following the law, including the best policies and practices that allow free speech but also minimize distractions.

Amanda’s panel, titled “Your Documents on Trial,” will examine the best practices, new trends, and common errors that come into play when dealing with HR documents such as offer letters and termination notices, as each of these could be a potential lawsuit waiting to happen.

LEAP provides the most practical, real-world strategies to help HR professionals understand and comply with the latest employment law changes, taught by over 25 of America’s most experienced (and dynamic) attorneys and speakers. The event is usually held in Las Vegas each spring, however, this year it will be held completely virtually.

See LEAP’s website for more information.