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A Commitment to Excellence

We view working at Cades Schutte as a commitment to excellence, to helping others achieve goals, to mastering a profession.  It is about having integrity and excelling as a lawyer.

We believe in training and welcoming exceptional legal professionals.  Our goal is to equip our attorneys to provide superlative service to our clients and communities by creating an environment that allows talent and creativity to thrive.  It is this philosophy that makes Cades Schutte an extraordinary place to practice law.

Cades Schutte attorneys are provided the opportunity to build a successful career in private practice through immediate responsibility working with outstanding lawyers and clients.  The cases and transactions we handle are as diverse and sophisticated as the clients we represent.  Cades Schutte is Hawai‘i’s premier business law firm, with a clientele including Fortune 500 companies and the leading businesses in Hawai‘i, the U.S. mainland, Asia, and the Pacific Rim.  As a full-service law firm, Cades Schutte also provides legal services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and non-profits.  From complex corporate transactions to constitutional litigation and everything in between, the Cades Schutte experience encompasses it all.

If you share our drive to excel in the practice of law, we invite you to apply with us.

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What Our People Say

Through all my years here, that’s what I’ve appreciated about Cades Schutte, is that they’re flexible, they recognize that every individual is an individual and they’ve been supportive of my outside interests and the other things that I’ve wanted to do

– Calvert G. Chipchase, Partner

Choosing the firm where you will build your career is an important decision.

Here’s why you should choose Cades Schutte:


If there is a single trait all Cades Schutte attorneys have in common, it is the drive to provide exceptional results and be leaders in the legal community.


Our broad client base yields opportunities to work on a rich variety of matters, including some of the most sophisticated cases and transactions in Hawai‘i and in the nation. Few Hawai‘i law firms, if any, can match the breadth and depth of the legal work that Cades Schutte attorneys handle for their clients. Our attorneys are also able to tap into the wealth of expertise and experience within the firm to find solutions to the most demanding legal problems.


Cades Schutte is the most stable firm of its size in Hawai‘i. Never since its founding in 1922 has the firm experienced a major split in its partnership. No group of three or more attorneys has ever left Cades Schutte to form another firm or legal practice. Cades Schutte’s institutional strength flows from its emphasis on developing its attorneys “from the ground up,” its democratic approach to management, and a firm culture that rewards merit, promotes collegiality, and embraces diversity.


Deeply ingrained in our firm culture is the belief that best practices in the legal profession include a high regard for ethics. We emphasize character in our firm policies and training. Our reputation is not just for good work, but for integrity and responsible advocacy as well.


Cades Schutte understands that a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works, whether in finding solutions to our clients’ legal problems or maintaining a healthy work environment. Cades Schutte’s progressive workplace initiatives recognize that during a career spanning decades, attorneys will need flexibility as their lives change and their families grow.

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