March 24, 2021  |  News

Trever K. Asam Speaks on ThinkTech Hawaii’s Community Matters regarding Volunteer Legal Services Hawai’i’s Taste of Justice Program

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Trever K. Asam, a Partner in Cades Schutte’s Tax Department and the firm’s Pro Bono Coordinator, and Board President of Volunteer Legal Services Hawai‘i (VLSH), spoke on ThinkTech Hawaii regarding VLSH’s Taste of Justice Fundraiser and 40th anniversary celebration on April 23rd, 2021. VLSH is a non-profit legal service organization, established in 1981, that partners with about 200 local lawyers in Hawai‘i that wish to give back to the community via pro bono work, providing legal assistance to the low to moderate income community through education, legal advice clinics, brief services, and referrals to pro bono attorneys for direct representation.

ThinkTech is a Hawai‘i nonprofit and platform by which hosts and the public can express themselves on public issues.

Cades Schutte is committed to giving back to the community via pro bono work, and our lawyers, regardless of seniority, regularly accept the representation of individuals and organizations who would otherwise be unable to retain counsel, ensuring that the justice system is available to all who need it. Cades Schutte attorneys provide the same levels of diligence, commitment, and zealous advocacy to our pro bono clients as they would to any of our other clients.

See the full episode below, and click here to learn more about VLSH’s Taste of Justice and 40th Anniversary Celebration event.