August 24, 2022  |  News

Jeffrey S. Portnoy Guests on Three-Part Series for KHON’s “What’s the Law” Podcast

Microphone And Computer In The Recording Studio

Jeffrey S. Portnoy, a partner in Cades Schutte’s Litigation Department, was a guest in a three-part series on KHON’s weekly podcast “What’s the Law,” which provides valuable information about various legal topics. Over three episodes, Jeff discussed issues related to freedom of speech and the First Amendment: limitations to freedom of speech, including defamation, obscenity, and considerations in school settings, whether incitement and hate speech are protected by the Constitution, including President Trump’s January 6 speech, incitement on social media platforms, and the Freedom of Information Act, and whether the line between church and state is getting narrower, including limits on religious exemptions and in light of recent Supreme Court rulings. See the below links to hear Jeff’s episodes:

“What’s the Law” is hosted by Coralie Chun Matayoshi, a former trial attorney, judge, executive director of the Hawaii State Bar Association, and recently retired CEO of the Red Cross.