September 12, 2023  |  News

Jeffrey S. Portnoy Featured on KHON2 News Podcast Regarding Religious Freedom for Private Businesses

Small Business Owner Woman Wearing Protection Face Mask Turning

Litigation partner Jeffrey S. Portnoy spoke about recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions on civil rights as a guest on KHON2’s weekly podcast hosted by Coralie Chun Matayoshi, “What’s the Law,” which provides valuable information about various legal topics.

As the Supreme Court undergoes significant transformations in key areas such as abortion, free speech, and religion, they discuss the constitutional definitions of equality and non-discrimination that lay a foundation for many of these decisions. This includes a definition of what constitutes a public accommodation, facilities where all persons are guaranteed full and equal enjoyment of goods, services, and facilities according to the federal Civil Rights Act, and to what extent a private business can refuse services in the name of religious freedom.

Click here for the full podcast and more details regarding recent Supreme Court decisions and their impact across our country.