February 16, 2018  |  Newsletters

ke kumu – Winter 2018

Ke Kumu Winter 2018

Welcome to the winter issue of ke kumu. As you read through this issue of our client newsletter, we hope to teach you about some of the laws unique to Hawai‘i, and we hope to become a source of relevant information that can help you better your own lives, and the life of those in our community.

This issue’s headlines include:

  • Kupulau
  • The Heart of the Matter: Cades in the Community
  • The Accidental Attorney: Keri Ann Krzykowski
  • Doing Well While Doing Good: Can Non-Profits be Profitable? (Trever K. Asam)
  • So Your Contractor Screwed Up: Are You Screwed Too? (Keith Y. Yamada & John P. Duchemin)
  • In with Online, Out with In-Store: Or is Brick & Mortar Just Different Now? (Michele S. Loudermilk)
  • 10 Steps to Being A Trustworthy Trustee : An “Honor” With Heavy Responsibilities (Rhonda L. Griswold)
  • Up in Smoke: Medical Marijuana is Changing Employment Law (David F.E. Banks)
  • Disabilities Matter: ADA Non-Compliance Can Turn into an Uphill Battle