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ke kumu – Fall/Winter 2019

Ke Kumu Fall Winter 2019

Welcome to the Fall/Winter issue of ke kumu. As you read through this issue of our client newsletter, we hope to teach you about some of the laws unique to Hawaii, and we hope to become a source of relevant information that can help you.

This issue’s headlines include:

  • Ho‘omau
  • To Tackle Pay Inequality, Hawaii Bans Salary History Inquiries: Will it Help Close the Financial Divide? (Amanda M. Jones)
  • Don’t Download that for your Website! Avoiding copyright infringement (Martin E. Hsia)
  • A Bestiary of Exotic Retirement Plans: If Traditional Plans Aren’t for You, You Have Options (Roger W. Fonseca)
  • Timbs v. Indiana: On the Eighth Amendment and Excessive Fines
  • De-coupling: Does It Affect Your Estate Plan? (Daniel C. Vermillion)
  • CBD – Nature’s Panacea or Illegal Additive? Weeding Out the Confusion
  • Change in Contractor Bid Protests: Hawaii Contractors Face New Costs and Restrictions on State and City Bid Protests (Jeffrey M. Osterkamp)