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Our Corporate & Business attorneys help firm clients choose the best entity structure that suits their needs and goals, recognizing that limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations, and other types of legal entities each have unique attributes and benefits that can be adapted to meet specific client needs.

From starting a new business to holding a title to assets or investments, developing real estate, establishing joint ventures, or estate planning, deciding on a legal entity structure involves balancing tax considerations, operational functions, administrative requirements, financing considerations, and personal liability protection.

Similar considerations apply to established national and international companies seeking to do business in Hawai‘i and properly navigate the unique aspects of this market.

What We Do

  • Counseling on Choice and Structure of Entities
  • Entity Formation, Reorganization, Conversion, and Dissolution
  • Preparation of Entity Organizational Documents and Corporate Formalities Documents
  • Hawai‘i Law Regulatory Compliance for Entities
  • Corporate Governance and Shareholder Relations Advising
  • Qualification to Transact Business of Foreign Entities in Hawai‘i
  • Entity Corporate Records Management

Our attorneys have extensive experience counseling and assisting clients in legal entity choice, formation, management, and if needed, dissolution. We regularly advise our clients across practice areas on the tax and non-tax considerations that come with establishing a legal entity, including choices regarding capitalization, governance, profit and loss allocations, transferability of interests, and withdrawal rights of the entity. “Start-up” clients of ours range from single-member LLCs to multinational companies expanding their business presence in Hawai‘i.

  • Formation and structuring of entities, including business, professional, and nonprofit corporations; limited liability companies; general, limited, and limited liability partnerships; and sole proprietorships.
  • Guiding real estate investors, developers, landowners, and homeowners in organizing and managing entities holding developable and developed land.
  • Structuring and implementing innovative asset protection and estate planning strategies using legal entities.
  • Advising Hawai‘i’s oldest and newest closely held companies on corporate governance matters.
  • Counseling local and diversified multinational companies, and foreign stakeholders on U.S. and Hawai‘i legal aspects of corporate financings, restructurings, and local expansion.


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David F.E. Banks


Dave is a partner with Cades Schutte LLP. He is the Chair of the Corporate Department, as well as the Chair of the Employment Law and Labor Relations Practice Group and the Corporate and Business Law Practice Group.

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