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Contested Case & Administrative Proceedings


Not all legal disputes are resolved in court. In fact, a wide array of legal rights and obligations are decided in administrative proceedings before state and local boards and other government agencies. Administrative proceedings span a wide array of subject matters, including land use, government benefits, zoning, utilities, professional liability, environmental law, and construction disputes.

A “contested case” is similar to a trial, except it takes place within an administrative agency rather than a courtroom. As with a trial, a contested case can have extremely high stakes, including liability for notices of violations issued by a government agency, revocation of a professional license, or issuance of a valuable permit to conduct certain activities. In a contested case hearing, the pertinent hearing officer or board will receive witness testimony, examine evidence, and issue a ruling.

What We Do

  • Seek Permits, Approvals, and Other Entitlements before Land Use Commissions, Public Utilities Commissions, and Other Agencies
  • Contested Case Hearings and Other Administrative Proceedings regarding Notices of Violations and Fines
  • Represent Doctors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, and Other Professionals before License Boards

Navigating an administrative proceeding can be an extremely complicated endeavor. Each administrative agency has its own set of rules and procedures, which typically differ from rules governing court proceedings. Our attorneys have considerable experience representing clients before most administrative agencies in Hawai‘i. Our team is ready to assist you, whether you are facing a notice of violation or need help navigating an application to a government agency.

  • Successfully represented an association of hotels before various state and county land use boards in administrative proceedings to close Waimanalo Gulch Landfill.
  • Assisted numerous developers, investors, and telecommunications companies in obtaining variances, permits, and other entitlements before the Land Use Commission, Public Utilities Commission, and other administrative agencies.
  • Resolved notices of violations issued to individuals and companies for environmental and municipal violations.


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Kelly, a former Airborne Ranger, is Chairman of the Litigation Department of Cades Schutte. He is also the Chair of the Educational Institutions Law Practice Group.

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